Candy Crush Saga Level 2468 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2468 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have 30 moves to clear the jelly and complete level 2468 Candy Crush Saga.
This is also a sugar drop level so can be replayed later to collect sugar drops.
Level 2468 is all about collecting keys, the keys will unlock the UFO's and the UFO's will clear the jelly.
The keys drop down into the squares at the bottom right and left of the board, you have to clear the candy in that square for the key to drop and you only get one at a time.
Use stripes or colourbombs to clear the candy and collect the keys, after the fist key you have to clear the candy again to get another to drop so those squares have to be hit quite a lot to collect the three keys needed.
The good thing is that if you make matches along the bottom rows you will get mystery candies from the dispensers which, with luck will give you special candies to help clear the keys.
The mystery candies can be bad as well as good, but I found them to be more than 50% good in the games I played so they should be used as much as possible.
Once the UFO's are unlocked you will have to hit them with a special candy or a combo to detonate them, so you see you will need a lot of specials and combos to clear this level. Matches of three will do no good at all.
Video below
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  1. I got all the way to the end of the game and still had a ufo locked up without any keys on the board. The keys don't fall down every single time you clear a candy so you have to hope you get a key when you hit it. If not then it's impossible to beat this board because there is jelly under the locked ufo's.

    1. Exact same thing happened to me. Very frustrating.

  2. Difficult to get last jelly under UFO, but at least not as boring as other levels. Hopefully will get last one soon.

  3. Didn't take too long, but only 2 stars.

  4. KnowledgeHunter4 May 2017 at 17:38

    I have now hit the third key three different times playing this game and the third ufo hasn't unlocked. This is very frustrating!!

  5. I agree with knowledge hunter just can not get it

  6. Posting for luck. Having a hard time unlocking the last UFO.

  7. There must be something wrong with this level......impossible te

  8. Has anyone completed this? I think it is a non functioning level.

  9. Hi everyone, I read the advice then managed to complete this level with 6 moves to spare. I found that exploding wrapped candies on the conveyor as they moved to right next to a UFO was the key for me. Just like to say congratulations to everyone who has got this far. We are all amazing, and have proved we don't give up easily!!

  10. First of all don't waste precious lolly hammers to get the key to drop because it doesn't work. I also found that well placed wraps are the way to go. If you are still struggling when it comes out on mobile then reset until you have sprinkle/wrap together or even sprinkle/stripe could be helpful.

  11. I passed it with the first attempt and a hammer for the last ufo

  12. But the ufo must be unlocked before

  13. Never had a helmet10 May 2017 at 06:43

    2nd try, 2 stars, no boosters.

  14. There is something weird going on with this one. I combined a fish and a wrapped. It hit the UFO but instead of detonating it to make other wrapped, do you have a just disappeared. I thought it was because of the fish and wrapped combo, but I hit the next UFO with a striped wrapped combo and it just disappeared too.

  15. The next time I played it I used a fish booster. The fish detonated the UFOs in the normal way. I don't know what happened before.

  16. Why is this episode not available on my Android device yet?

  17. Hi, I just want to add to my comment posted 7th May to say I wouldn't have got this far with this site, and all the tips, advice, and videos, so thanks.

  18. Thank you Suzie O. Did as you suggested and started with a sprinke/wrap which set me on the way to success. Indy


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