Candy Crush Saga Level 2504 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2504 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
The task in level 2504 is to clear the jelly in 30 moves.
The biggest obstacle to clearing this level are the countdown bombs, you have 25 moves to clear the bombs but they are very tricky to get to. The best way to deal with the bombs is to try to force the board to shuffle in the first few moves, this will bring the bombs into the playing area so they are easy to clear.
To force a shuffle simply look for a move that will leave you with no further moves, which is the opposite of what we usually try to do so doesn't always come easy!.
If you can't force the board to shuffle the next option is to make a colourbomb and use it to clear as many bombs as you can, Go for the bombs at the bottom as a priority as these are harder to clear than the top bombs. The bombs in the top part of the board will drop down into the playing area when the blockers are cleared but the ones in the bottom will not move so are harder to clear without a colourbomb.
Video below
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Sebastian said...

First attempt. 3 stars. Hope this continues.

izz reenio said...
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Anonymous said...

huh..? it seems that i'm the only one who's stuck in this level!

Bookboss said...

No you're noy, Im stuck too!!!!!!!!!!

Edward Shorey said...

Finding this difficult.

Suzie O said...

About the forced shuffle: I just want to point out to y'all who think that Cookie is always getting lucky boards that not only can she see several moves ahead and that's why it always looks like special candy's just appear for her but she can also look moves ahead to see no more moves to force a shuffle. It takes SKILL not luck to do those two things.