Candy Crush Saga Level 2630 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2630 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
The first thing to do is to get the ingredient down to the top of the portal. This needs to be done carefully to prevent it slipping out of the column it is in. If the ingredient gets out of it's column it is very hard to move it back. Then don't under any circumstances move it to either side.
Once the ingredient is safe you should concentrate on growing the popcorns as these are blocking the exits. 
When the popcorns are out of the way work on the left side of the board to get the ingredient down to the exit. Be careful again not to let it move out of it's column.
The second ingredient will drop once you have collected the first, but this is much easier to collect as you just have to make sure there is no chocolate in the way and work in the left side of the board again.
Video below
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  1. one of the worst levels. I got extra moves from friends and started with coconut wheel (after many failed tries). Still needed a switch to get fruit back in line and a hammer to drop last fruit. Cookie hadn't offered any advice when I finally beat the level. The popcorn on the right, combined with the chocolate, was the hardest (I could hit left popcorn with wrapped). Glad this one's behind me now.

  2. I just completed Episode 177 (levels 2631 to 2645). I passed all of the levels on the first attempt except 2 levels. The hardest level is 2642 (5 tries) and 2640 (3 tries). Cookies has not published her tips for Episode 177 and the blog is not open yet for level 2645. I'll share my own tips in passing levels especially 2640 and 2642 when the blog becomes available.

    1. I foud 2640 infinitely more difficult. not to say that 2642 is a cake walk but how the heck did you do that

  3. Very hard level without boosters. Right side popcorn is hard to get and not enough moves left when finally hit. Posting for luck. Not available on mobile yet.

  4. I find this level to be extremely difficult....I have no boosters and can't seem to get enough 'weapons' to strike the popcorns...I will have to wait for a lucky board again, but I am getting a little stressed when I play these levels that bore me while waiting for that lucky board...makes you really want to just stop playing...I will go a little while longer, but not much this time around...

  5. This is a fun level except that most of my moves were spent trying to get the ingredient over an exit. Oh well, maybe posting will bring me luck.

  6. Thank Bob for hand switches!

  7. I just completed Episode 178 (levels 2646 to 2660). I passed all the levels on the 1st attempt except 2651 (2 tries) which I believe is the hardest level in the episode.
    Till next Wednesday for Episode 179.

  8. Easily done with the help of the Space Dash.
    Good Luck all from the Land of Milk and Honey.
    Till next Wednesday...

  9. Yes, used a coconut wheel and space dash. Got 100 gold bars in the piggy bank, but you have to PAY $6.99 to get them. It should be free once you've collected them. Not impressed. I refuse to pay for it, or anything on CC. Back to collecting my boosters. Till next Wednesday. Good luck everyone!

  10. Used a coconut wheel/ chocolate sprinkle combo, my favourite. Even so had to use two hand switches. The empty spaces on the playing board are getting larger all the time. Really like the green/blue levels. Still haven't figured out what the bonus is for completing a level on the first try. Til next Wednesday.

  11. I just finished this episode all levels with space them all with one try. Used many boosters bought extra moves. Disgusting..I feel as if I've been punished for sticking with candy crush. This was a mean episode. Not sure that I'll be back for more. I need recovery time. This is crazy.

  12. Filled up my piggy bank to discover you still have to pay to collect anything. So disappointed.
    Should have received some for free. ����

  13. Filled my piggy bank with 100 gold bars but to learn you have to spend $4.99to claim them.
    So disappointing. Should have received some for free.


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