Level 1801 - 1900

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Level 1801                                      Level 1851
Level 1802                                      Level 1852
Level 1803                                      Level 1853
Level 1804                                      Level 1854
Level 1805                                      Level 1855
Level 1806                                      Level 1856
Level 1807                                      Level 1857
Level 1808                                      Level 1858
Level 1809                                      Level 1859
Level 1810                                      Level 1860
Level 1811                                      Level 1861
Level 1812                                      Level 1862
Level 1813                                      Level 1863
Level 1814                                      Level 1864
Level 1815                                      Level 1865
Level 1816                                      Level 1866
Level 1817                                      Level 1867
Level 1818                                      Level 1868
Level 1819                                      Level 1869
Level 1820                                      Level 1870
Level 1821                                      Level 1871
Level 1822                                      Level 1872
Level 1823                                      Level 1873
Level 1824                                      Level 1874
Level 1825                                      Level 1875
Level 1826                                      Level 1876
Level 1827                                      Level 1877
Level 1828                                      Level 1878
Level 1829                                      Level 1879
Level 1830                                      Level 1880
Level 1831                                      Level 1881
Level 1832                                      Level 1882
Level 1833                                      Level 1883
Level 1834                                      Level 1884
Level 1835                                      Level 1885
Level 1836                                      Level 1886
Level 1837                                      Level 1887
Level 1838                                      Level 1888
Level 1839                                      Level 1889
Level 1840                                      Level 1890
Level 1841                                      Level 1891
Level 1842                                      Level 1892
Level 1843                                      Level 1893
Level 1844                                      Level 1894
Level 1845                                      Level 1895
Level 1846                                      Level 1896
Level 1847                                      Level 1897
Level 1848                                      Level 1898
Level 1849                                     Level 1899 
Level 1850                                      Level 1900


  1. Q, What do you enjoy about playing CC ?
    A, I love playing levels that give you pointless moves game after game until it allows you to pass.

  2. 1821-1835 have 4 levels that are timed, but none of them are any challenge.

  3. level 1841 has a glitch!!! Make sure you don't count on the last move ( 1 ) because the game stops just before. Twice I could have finished with my last move only to have the game over msg.

  4. 1850 looks like another one those timed levels that are just about impossible to pass.

  5. 1850 is not bad at all. In fact, the whole episode is quite easy, but for one or two.

  6. 1850 was not that bad. Once you open up the board, cascades become easy thus making plenty of stripes, wraps, and color bombs.

  7. Well done those who have cleared 1850. I'm still stuck on 1831. Almost spent a week on it. Just cant stop the board from blowing itself up game after game.

  8. On Level 1851 and it's getting harder and harder to find written tips on passing levels in the 1800's.

  9. 1859 is another stupid time level. I was on a good run till I came upon this crap.


  10. I'm above guy.. Still on this stupid timed level. It's one of the worst ones yet. The only way to do it would be to get some chocolate bombs falling down in the cascade at the end but I'm not getting that kinda luck.

  11. Also stuck on 1859. About 40,000 has been my highest score. Guess I won't pass this one until it's fixed.

  12. It can be done! There is hope, but it took lots of tries.

  13. Finally got 1859, I am exhausted!

  14. Lucky you. I have got nowhere close and i'm now regressing into struggling to blow up the clocks. This is easily in the top 10 worst levels territory. I think I'm quitting if i don't do it in the next couple of days. Fed up with being able to pass tough challenges then the time levels come along and it's a total lottery. I can have 50 seconds on the clock with a clear screen and no time bombs will fall. It's so frustrating and having a crap mouse that sticks now and again doesn't help matters.

  15. Forget last comment i done it.

    Finally. I got enough time bombs just to continue and do my thing.

    fuck you Candy crush.

  16. I found 1851-1869 the easiest episode in a while.

  17. Another "fun" timed level at 1869...

  18. Well that was an easy lot to 1880, seems to be either really, really tricky or far to simple, nothing in between.

  19. 1871 is killing me. I just can't get the required score at all.

  20. I used all the boosters on 1871

  21. Level 1879 has a bit of a flaw. The mystery candies don't always turn yellow and so make it impossible to complete. It'll just be a matter of time I'm sure but otherwise it's fairly straightforward which is just frustrating.

  22. Yep 1879 sucks the big one. I have completed it 10 times but without the yellows. It is impossible to get 3 yellows as all or some change into a brick. This set of levels has been the worst in a long time.

    Please select all images with a house.. Took ages to get it right. Stupid thing.

  23. Just used a tick thingy from sugar drop and made yellows with that. The rest is easy.

  24. I have ticks so I can make yellows there. But if you don't have them then you cant pass the level.
    I played it without using a tick got the first candy down after 3 moves and it turmed into a brick. Game over. Whats the point of that ?

  25. 1880-1895
    3 timed levels, but not too difficult. A few nasty ones in the bunch.

  26. Just done 1886. A very hard level that will give nightmares to a lot of people.

  27. Yes, 1886 is going to be the first level of this group with over 30 comments once Cookie shows us the video. I imagine a lot of cursing, threats of quitting, and unanswered pleas to the creators as they continue to slowly thin out the herd.

  28. 1887 is even worse. The shuffling bug is back and on top of that it's a very hard level.

  29. 1895 was really tricky for me but finally did it using a lollipop and a hand swap. None of the treasure chests worked for me today. Role on next week!

  30. lol * roll even!

  31. This is by far the hardest stage for a long time. I'm now at 1892 and it wants 3 wraps combined with 3 wraps. Great, only that you only have 20 moves and it takes between 10 and 15 moves to make some decent space. I need some lucky candies. God I hate this game but at least the timed levels were all easy for a change.

  32. I think the game has lost some of its charm with the sugardrop challenge. feel I spend more time collecting sugardrops/boosters, than I do playing the new levels, because with all the boosters I've collected, most levels are easy to pass.

  33. Somehow I have made it to 1895 and all I have left in my arsenal is a lollipop. This level sucks hard, it has spawners that are impossible to blow up and I have hit one of them once in about 20 games. I actually almost done it twice. I was down to needing 11 greens once and 3,4 and 3 of each of the colours needed so it's possible. A wrap and a chocolate bomb would be good for this level. This stage has put years on me for sure.

  34. With glitchy and impossible levels it seems better to just collect a ton of sugar drops and let a few stages go by till they fix all the problems. Playing level after level 20-30 times, IF YOU"RE LUCKY, is getting really, really old. Time to rethink the time I waste here.

  35. I don't think they are glitches. I think they are put in on purpose. These no more moves games have been going on for over a month now.
    Why has that started to happen after 2 or 3 years this game has been in operation ?

  36. I finally done 1895. I somehow managed to destroy the middle spawner right away and worked with all the space I had to finally finish the worst level in this stage, a hand switch to put a wrap next to stripe made life a helluva lot easier. I was about to throw in the towel as well.

  37. Wait till you get to 1898...5 moves in a row with "no more switches available" at very beginning of game! Not even a chance to make one move...THAT sucks!

  38. 1898 is where I am at the moment. Lol

  39. 1898 is a level that you have to swap colour bombs with countdown candies to make the best points.

  40. Up to 1905 now and some difficult levels but do-able.

  41. 1910 is another awful timed level. I just can't get that lucky hand.

  42. I done it in my next attempt.

  43. About three hard levels this week. The last timed level looks really difficult but I somehow completed it on second attempt.

  44. This level 1858 is driving me mad. I either have the colour bombs and red candies and not the chocolate, or any other combination except all three together, looks like I will be missing the chests with freebies this time round, heyho!

  45. So over level 1810 on top of it being a timed level they had to throw bombs in there as well not cool king ï play this game to relax after a hard day but now I'm just frustrated and don't wanna play any more....


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