Level 2101 - 2200

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Level 2101                                  Level 2151
Level 2102                                  Level 2152
Level 2103                                  Level 2153
      Level 2104                                  Level 2154      
Level 2105                                  Level 2155
Level 2106                                  Level 2156
Level 2107                                  Level 2157
Level 2108                                  Level 2158
Level 2109                                  Level 2159
Level 2110                                  Level 2160
Level 2111                                  Level 2161
  Level 2112                                  Level 2162  
Level 2113                                  Level 2163
Level 2114                                  Level 2164
Level 2115                                  Level 2165
Level 2116                                  Level 2166
Level 2117                                  Level 2167
Level 2118                                  Level 2168
Level 2119                                  Level 2169
Level 2120                                  Level 2170
Level 2121                                  Level 2171
Level 2122                                  Level 2172
Level 2123                                  Level 2173
Level 2124                                  Level 2174
Level 2125                                  Level 2175
Level 2126                                  Level 2176
Level 2127                                  Level 2177
Level 2128                                  Level 2178
Level 2129                                  Level 2179
Level 2130                                  Level 2180
Level 2131                                  Level 2181
Level 2132                                  Level 2182
Level 2133                                  Level 2183
Level 2134                                  Level 2184
Level 2135                                  Level 2185
Level 2136                                  Level 2186
Level 2137                                  Level 2187
Level 2138                                  Level 2188
Level 2139                                  Level 2189
Level 2140                                  Level 2190
Level 2141                                  Level 2191
Level 2142                                  Level 2192
Level 2143                                  Level 2193
Level 2144                                  Level 2194
Level 2145                                  Level 2195
Level 2146                                  Level 2196
Level 2147                                  Level 2197
Level 2148                                  Level 2198
 Level 2149                                  Level 2199 
Level 2150                                  Level 2200


  1. When will we have new phases? 2015 was already ...

  2. New stages every Wednesday.

    This week was mostly easy apart from two really difficult levels but I got there with the help of some trusty lollipops.

  3. Why has level 2104 been skipped?

  4. Lots of difficult levels this week to get your teeth into. Probably the hardest set of levels in a long time.

  5. Funny,I only found one level to be really hard, maybe I have been Lucky.

  6. I'm at 2132 and so far only a couple of levels have caused me trouble. 2121 was a pain in the but, until I used both boosters and two hammers to get rid of a bomb.

  7. I found it easier this week. Just a couple of difficult levels. absolutely flew through it.

  8. I am at 2141 and the previews are messed up for this series.

  9. Yeah I noticed that too.

  10. On 2139, do NOT use the flying saucers. They will detonate after both cakes are cleared and finish off your board for you!

  11. I'm not finding this week easy at all. Much easier last week, where I also got lots of stars. This week it's one or two stars when I finally get through.

  12. This week was very easy UNTIL 2159. A contender for the hardest level ever. It's unbelievably bad. The level after it was a pain in the arse as well but the timed level was easy thankfully. 2159 will be a talking point for sure.

  13. Yeah unless I get a VERY lucky board, or they change it, I see myself stuck on 2159 for a very long time.

  14. I used a good few lollipops and hand switches and 5 extra moves. Freeking impossible without.

  15. I can't quite figure out, when the nuts fall in 2159? Sometimes they don't fall from the dispensers even though there is space to fall in. Is there a limit to the number of nuts on the board?

  16. Hey Ditte, Re: Level 2159. It looks like you can only have 4 nuts/cherries on board at any one time. With only 25 moves it seems barely possible unless you have a fortunate board where wraps/stripes/bombs are falling from the sky. I have only got 6 of 12 fruits out so far and that felt like a major achievement.

  17. Do not waste any moves. If you have hand switchers and lollipops use them from the start and create bombs and wraps. Easier said than done but that's how I approached it.

  18. I finally lost patience and used hands, lollipops and 26 goldbars to get through. Now I struggle with 2160. Easy to get the points, but not easy to keep the spawners from blocking the board

  19. In 2160 try NOT to hit (unlock) the top and bottom spawners too soon.Concentrate on the one in the middle. I managed to combine two colourbombs which opened up the board nicely by undoing the damage the spawners had done.

  20. Apart from the completely impossible 2159 and 2160 it was very easy to pass this week and very easy to get 3 stars.

  21. Today 2159 has now been reduced from 12 fruits down to 4 fruits. Now it is arguably too easy. As I completed first time. 6 would have been difficult bit achievable

  22. Typical. It's just designed to make us lose our built up goodies.

  23. The number of moves has also gone up from 25 to 30, but now only two nuts can be on the board at a time

  24. I'm currently on level 2160 where the objective is to get 40,000 points in 30 moves.
    When I look at example videos on YouTube, I see the objective being to get 10,000 points in 50 moves.
    Has this also been changed since this level was released this past Wednesday?

  25. Is anybody else not getting treasure chests repeatedly. I complained to King but was told they are random but everybody else I talk to gets them all the time. I haven't had them for a month and this has happened so many times. Don't know how to solve the problem

  26. Re: Treasure Chests
    Something isn't quite right with them. Each Wednesday morning I start to play the 15 new games that are loaded. Depending on how I am doing, sometimes I get through a couple. About an hour later some treasure chests appear but because I'm already through some of the 15 new games, there isn't enough room on the board for 3 chests so two appear. However, if I get to the levels that have these treasure chests, nothing happens - I don't get any boosters. They then disappear.
    A day or two later, the same thing happens (a few treasure chests appear but not all three because there isn't room for 3 anymore). This time, I do get boosters.

  27. Yes 2160 has been changed. Before it was very easy to get the required points, but very difficult to survive the 50 moves before the spawners covered the board with jelly.

  28. I commented earlier but it's not went up!

    I've had treasure chests on 3 occasions.

    This week had some tricky levels and the timed levels were awful.

    The second one in particular. The first one goes on forever.

  29. I'm getting nowhere with the second timed level :-(. And yes the first one is really boring once you manage to open the board so the extra time candies can fall down.

  30. I had to use extra moves twice to do it. You need lots of chocolate bombs against the same colour as the timed candies. I reckon I was lucky to pass it.

  31. I just got through it. I bought extra time since I was almost there and could see I had the opportunity to make a colourbomb with my next move. Finally! Not easy to get enough extra time candies AND avoid bombs going off!

  32. Hasn´t 2160 been changed? I got one colorball during the gameplay and another after time had run out and that was enough to pass. Did not seem so difficult.

  33. Sorry, I meant 2075, not 2160

  34. I don't think 2175 has been changed. I still think it's horrible.

  35. I agree, 2175 is bad. All the time is eaten up by the candies falling and there are not enough time candies.

  36. Cakes, Cakes, Cakes everywhere. Cakes dominate the levels this week. Quite a few tricky levels this week but not as bad as it has been lately.

  37. My daily slog of level 1476 begins...

    Some days I struggle to get 30 Candy drops and sometimes I can get 54. The fight against the wraps is a new way of playing the game but they appear out of nowhere causing cascade after cascade.

    I wish this game would end!

  38. i clear level 2195 now when next will be released on laptop.

  39. 2199 is truly truly awful. I'm sick of these timed levels and thinking about just quitting while I'm ahead. The second timed level is terrible as well but the last one is easy.

  40. I'm currently stuck on level 2199. Haven't even been close. If I manage not to run out of time a bomb kills me instead.

  41. It's the usual chocolate bomb off the same colour as a timed candy but usually only one or two timed candies are in the screen at any one time, so getting that score to go higher requires about 4 timed candies in the screen of the same colour. That's the hard part. Then after that repeat the process and you are done!

  42. Not an easy board to make colour bombs on with all the liquorice in the way.

  43. And just after writing my last post I made a colourbomb just before the time ran out. I was 1000 points short of passing and bought extra time to get it over with

  44. Final explosion on level 21xx stuck in loop 23 million points and counting how to stop


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