Level 1601 - 1700

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Level 1601                                Level 1651
Level 1602                                Level 1652
Level 1603                                Level 1653
Level 1604                                Level 1654
Level 1605                                Level 1655
Level 1606                                Level 1656
Level 1607                                Level 1657
Level 1608                                Level 1658
Level 1609                                Level 1659
Level 1610                                Level 1660
Level 1611                                Level 1661
Level 1612                                Level 1662
Level 1613                                Level 1663
Level 1614                                Level 1664
Level 1615                                Level 1665
Level 1616                                Level 1666
Level 1617                                Level 1667
Level 1618                                Level 1668
Level 1619                                Level 1669
Level 1620                                Level 1670
Level 1621                                Level 1671
Level 1622                                Level 1672
Level 1623                                Level 1673
Level 1624                                Level 1674
Level 1625                                Level 1675
Level 1626                                Level 1676
Level 1627                                Level 1677
Level 1628                                Level 1678
Level 1629                                Level 1679
Level 1630                                Level 1680
Level 1631                                Level 1681
Level 1632                                Level 1682
Level 1633                                Level 1683
Level 1634                                Level 1684
Level 1635                                Level 1685
Level 1636                                Level 1686
Level 1637                                Level 1687
Level 1638                                Level 1688
Level 1639                                Level 1689
Level 1640                                Level 1690
Level 1641                                Level 1691
Level 1642                                Level 1692
Level 1643                                Level 1693
Level 1644                                Level 1694
Level 1645                                Level 1695
Level 1646                                Level 1696
Level 1647                                Level 1697
Level 1648                                Level 1698
Level 1649                                Level 1699
  Level 1650                                  Level 1700


  1. 1611 to 1625 Must be the easiest group for a very long time. Used a few boosters on 2 or 3 levels that looked like they were going to be tough and sorted it.

  2. 1634 What on earth is this level all about ? 2 bombs next to each other. Least CC still have a sense of humor.

  3. how on earth do you do 1630 ?

  4. 1630 use bomb and stripe or other combo to blow the sides. Lucky board time.

  5. Finally got 1634 had to use two wappy hands to put colour bombs together. Seriously didn't think that one was passable.

  6. Well that's that lot done. Other than 1634 it was all pretty simple.
    1634 is mind numbing.

  7. 1656 to 1670 done in 6 hours. Used 3 hammers and 2 wappy hands to complete. Very nice levels and a little bit of fun.

  8. Any tricks to getting more green candies to fall in level 1669?

  9. Use a special candy that will create some greens, and a bomb if you have one to clean out the board. It took me 2 tries, using all three special candies available to generate the number needed. Otherwise, if you have gold, buy some extra moves.

  10. Yeah, did 1656-70 in three hours with 3 lollipops, could not believe how easy that was. New trend?

  11. Does anyone know what happened to the daily present booster (not the spinning wheel). It appeared for about a week and has now gone. Also a new booster has appeared - a paint brush. Anyone know how it works?

  12. 1670 to 85 back to normal, lots of frustrating crappy levels.
    Don't know why I bother to play now as no enjoyment.
    Oh and still not paid a penny.

  13. Has anyone got 3 stars on 1669? Tried and tried, just cannot get them.

  14. beware level 1697 designed to cost you all your bonuses.

  15. Any good tips for 1690. It seems easy but can't pass it for some reason. FM

  16. 1706 is the level that finishes it for me. Impossible to get all the jellies as it's impossible to destroy the stupid clocks unless you get a run of unforseen luck. Truly a dreadful level with no skill required at all.

  17. I am also on 1706. Don't see a way through this without 15-20 lollipops. Usually only one move possible and it hurts the board rather than helps it. How long will it take me to save up 15 lollipops?

  18. I finally did it. A chocolate bomb, hand move and a lollipop was enogh and I only blew up two clocks. Such a sucky level. The secret is to destroy the jellies at the sides first as they are the hardest to get once liquorice appears.

  19. How domi get level 1686 And beyond. Waiting for relevés but apparent l'y it is aléas y available but where?

  20. How did you get so many moves for level 1688? I only get 25


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