Candy Crush Saga Level 170.


Anonymous said...

♥ Can't count how many times I've had one jelly left! Very annoying level! Combos are a must for this one.

Anonymous said...

♥ Finally got it after getting TWO color bombs next to each other. That destroys everything once.

Bill. said...

Fairly straightforward. Keep exploding the usual combinations.

Anonymous said...

cherylcandycrush here
The level isn't that difficult but it can be frustrating as it is one of those where you have to remember where the jellies are once the chocolate covers it.

Edges where the chocolate starts out are the hardest to clear.

Colour ball/stripe combo will clear the chocolate most times. Take note of exactly where the jellies are at this stage (not so much in the middle but the end ones) so you will know where to aim for.

The good news is-some of the levels 500 above this are easier. Mind you, some are a lot harder too, but that's for you to look forward to. :-)