Candy Crush Saga Level 138.

Tips and help for level 138 Candy Crush Saga
All the jelly is under the licorice on the right side of the board, so you will need to break into the licorice using sideways stripes or stripe / wrap combos.
Keep making these combos until you can make a match in the jelly side of the board. Wrapped candies can be made in the right side and left to fall into the left side as you make matches there and will clear a lot of licorice and jelly.
Switching two colour bombs together will also clear licorice on this level.
Video below

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Anonymous said...

I don't get this - the instructions say to clear all the jelly, yet in the video you win even with a a whole lot of jelly left on the board!???

Anonymous said...

Those are not jellies you are referring to.

Patricia Carpenter said...

yeah, that's licorice on the right hand side if that's what you mean.

Poppysox said...

This one is actually really easy. You have loads of time to plan moves and lots of moves, no dreaded bombs or chocolate. The trick is to use the striped candies to move horizontally to cut through the liquorice and clear jelly,but only on lines that need clearing otherwise you waste them. Combining any special candies sets off multiple explosions which was how I cleared all the jelly first go.

Bill. said...

Very easy level.

Anonymous said...

The fastest way to clear this level is with colour bombs and striped combo's. i did it with half the moves remaining using 4 colour bombs. there is plenty of time to plan moves to create them and with only 3 colours its easier still. Another tip, try to destroy any liquorice in the 2nd and 5th columns on the left so it doesn't fall into the columns on the right.