Candy Crush Saga Level 112.

Tips for level 112 Candy Crush Saga
The object of level 112 is to get the 4 ingredients to the bottom of the board ONLY.
You don't have to clear all the cream blockers, just enough to let the ingredients fall to the exits.
Look at the whole board before every move to see if you can make a special candy or a candy combo which will help you collect the ingredients, if you can't do either of those things them work below the ingredient to get it to the bottom.
The next ingredient will fall down as soon as you get one off the board, or on certain moves if it takes a long time to get them off the board, so as soon as one ingredient falls make the next move in the middle of the board so the ingredient will fall there and be easier to remove.
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Bill. said...

Fun level loads of combinations blowing up first attempt.