Candy Crush Saga Level 88.

Tips from Adrian.

 As well as hints elsewhere, utopia here is a colour bomb + 

colour bomb which eats licorice ... 

But this is very hard to get (although not impossible on this 

level due to the limited no of colours in play). 

Remember the two columns will "empty" into the left & right 

columns of the main play area 

(see the "teleport exits" at the foot of the 

individual columns, and the corresponding "teleport 

entrances" at the top right/top left of the play area). 

So making plays on the edges of the main area will
empty the licorice into the main play area 

(where it is easier to destroy) 

... Then use specials and combos to get the jelly. Sounds 

obvious but once the two columns have candy rather than 

licorice in them do look for lines of 3 or 4, 

they are easy to miss! 

Naturally when full of candies a colour bomb + striped 

is a killer ..
Try and fire this combo off when you have at least some 

of the striped colour candies in the columns, and hope for 

a vertical line blast or two!.

Look at the menu on the right for more tips and strategy.

Robin's tips.

 Before you make a move in the middle, check both side 

bars to see if you can make a move. 

Try to get 4 and 5 in a 

row in the middle to wipe out more candy on the side. If you 

can get a striped candy and a wrapped candy next to each 

other you can wipe out a lot. 

Good luck!

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Sue said...

Thank you...I'll try that, it should be easier now that I know how the colors are moving from column to column. :-)