Candy Crush Saga Level 90.

Tips from Adrian.

The main thing with 90 is to keep the fruit (ie the things you 

are collecting!) in the MIDDLE when they get to the 

right hand frame 

Getting then in the right place and not trapped just one or 

two "squares" above the exit is the trick ... 

Think/plan these last couple of moves when it gets near to 

the exit - a vertical line blast would be good but you can't 

make one on this level (the system can, by chance!) ... 

so look for other specials /combos if you can (remember, 

Two striped candies will blast both ways, even if BOTH are 

the same - in this case both would be horizontal. 

If it does end up left or right of the exit frame try and 

swap it back ASAP as it's really difficult when 

near the bottom. 

Remember also that a match in the right frame will 

advance the fruit at least 3 places and possibly lead to a 

mini-cascade, so make moves there if you can rather than 

in the left columns



Anonymous said...

very helpful. but how would I get out the fruits if its trapped in the corner of the right panel ?

Anonymous said...

where are the yellow and red coloured sweets - whole lot easier to make up the combos necessary for the more explosive sweets

Anonymous said...

Just reading your tips helped me pass it the first time I tried it your way. I clear a lot on the right columns until my fruit from the last column was about to drop into the last section and then I only made matches so candy stayed in the middle section. I luckily got a vertical striped candy and cleared it all! Thanks!

nyze said...

Cool tips. Will try it later. Hopefully it works.

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How-To-Be-Happy-Again said...

Thanks! I finally passed it! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Stuck for weeks ! Finally passed with ur helpful hints ...please keep this up !

Anonymous said...

I had figured out that fruits should stay in the middle but how can you make 30000 points at the same time?

urchillu said...

I noticed something in this level. The second fruit (you are to get two fruits tp the bottom) will always enter the screen wen u hav 18 moves left. Makes me wonder wether this game is programmed to waste my time.

Bill. said...

Completed first attempt move candie in right hand columns and keep fruit in the middle. Good fun.

Popcap Games said...

Yes, the game is designed with a logical structure to make you think you are the one in control, but you are not, never in control.

The game itself plays you.

emilyrowenta miller said...

yes it does play us...especially when we decide to buy gold bars