Candy Crush Saga Level 98.

Hints and tips for level 98 Candy Crush Saga
Look carefully at the board before you make a move and see if you can make moves that do more than one thing at a time, for example see if you can make a special candy at the same time as unlocking a locked cell.
Never neglect a countdown bomb as you only have 8 moves to destroy them before it's game over.
Remember, bombs count down with the moves you make, NOT seconds, so you can take as long as you like to study the board before every move.
All the time you want to be looking for special candies and combos as these are what will give you the points you need.
Bombs are worth 3,000 points each so are not all bad.
You have to use ALL the moves so keep an eye on how many you have left.
The video below is to show that this level can be done, this was not a different board from any you will get, it's how you use the board you are given that will mean the difference between passing and failing. This is not an easy level and the video took me 4 goes to make and I have passed over 1000 levels on this game. You can do it if you slow down and concentrate.

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Bill. said...

Very straightforward just keep blowing up the bombs then combinations.

Anonymous said...

cherylcandycrush here.

What Bill said. Aim to make combos but clearing the bombs takes priority. You don't need to open all the locked candy though of course it helps when you can.

Be aware that even when you get up to the required score, the game will not end, you have to play out every move. Just concentrate on clearing the bombs then.
Easy level.