Candy Crush Saga Level 72.

Tips for level 72 Candy Crush Saga
You need to collect 4 ingredients in 45 moves to pass level 72 in Candy Crush.
First you need to clear the cream and chocolate in the middle of the board to open up the playing area.
Then look for vertical stripes and stripe / wrap combos to destroy the chocolate and cream at the bottom of the board which will in turn allow the ingredients to fall down and out of the exits.
There are exits below every column except the middle one, so be careful not to switch the ingredients into that column or they will get stuck on the shelf and be very difficult to move off. 
Keep making vertical stripes and combos, colour bombs are also really helpful, and will give you a higher score as well.
The shelves at each side will not stop the ingredients from falling, they will just go straight through and into the bottom part, only the middle shelf will block them.
Video below.
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Anonymous said...

Luck rather than skill

Bill. said...

Clear the chocolate then avoid getting fruit in middle column.