Candy Crush Saga Level 79.

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 No Boosters or charms

Hints & tips for Level 79

Before you release the chocolate look at your next one or two moves and see if you can set up a move to remove at least some of the chocolate so it doesn't take over..

Tips by Joel Gnanasigamony

Another level that requires good luck at the beginning and a bit of tricks. 
I found using the colourbomb+stripped didn't help at all, as it only removes a small portion of the choc below. 
Using wrapped candy alone works wonders for this level, especially to if possible create striped+wrapped combo. 
If no luck for combo oppotunities, work from the bottom slowly, and try and get a combo working on the top

Tips from Ellen Brazier

Get rid of chocolate right away or it takes over. Concentrate on making as many specials as you can. 
Stripe/wrap combos are best for clearing large areas of jelly. Look ahead at next two or three moves before opening cages and letting chocolate out. 
Make sure you have a chance of destroying it before letting it out

2nd video from Youtube


Anonymous said...

Need some guidance with this level, anyone?

Anonymous said...

yes please

Peg Witherow said...

yes! I am so stuck

Terri said...

Me too!!! For days now!

Anonymous said...

Videos move to fast to keep up with the tiny arrow and figure ou what it did. The only kind of video would be a step by step one showing the move slowly and showing what it did. Zipping through there, I have no idea what they just did let alone what they are doing next.

Candy Crush Level 79 said...


Anonymous said...

How do you keep the chocolate from spreading? I've tried not letting the candies out of their cages, but it doesn't seem to help. I've been stuck for days and getting discouraged. :-(

Bill. said...

Second attempt. Clear the chocolate then bomb plus striped candies does the job.