Candy Crush Saga Level 29 .

How to pass level 29 Candy Crush Saga

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Adrian's tips.

 DON'T focus on lines-of-three ... you have lots of moves 

so just focus on making specials and, unless a combo with 

another special looks on, use them ASAP ... 

Wherever possible play from the bottom, so "chance" means 

you may get cascade matches too, but do keep an eye on 

the top, especially top left/top right ...

These bits of jelly are harder to get at, 

so don't miss an opportunity to make matches there. 

A colour bomb + stripe is excellent on this level.

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Anonymous said...

Try this too

Strepfan Helena said...

We should play Candy Crush Saga with this! :D

Anonymous said...

We should play Candy Crush Saga with this! :D

admin said...

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Matt Ganzak said...

The key to beating Candy Crush Level 29 is learning to use combos better.