Candy Crush Saga Level 45.

To clear the jelly in the middle you need to make a striped candy and blast it through the middle.
If you make one at the top it needs to be a vertical stripe and down the side needs to be a horizontal stripe. 
Line it up with the centre square and when you match it the blast will take out the middle jelly.
If you can make a colour bomb that will also work, by matching it with the same colour candy as is in the middle square.


astro2 said...


in this video the person took their time had still had plenty moves left

in the iphone/ipad version u run out of moves constatnly

Anonymous said...

nice!! but why.. they r only giving me 35 moves-I noticed u are suppose to get 50... just sayin-i will quit-but thanks 4 addin me- cant believe they do this to people