• How do I make striped Candies?
    In order to pass each level of Candy Crush Saga there is usually a task to complete.
    This can be removing jelly, moving 
    ingredients to the bottom, or scoring a 
    number of points in a given time.

    In order to do this you have to match 
    coloured candies to remove them from 
    the board.

    Matching 3 candies in a row removes all three and the other candies move down to fill the space left.

    Matching 4 candies in a row gives a striped sweet of the same colour.

    If you make the four candy line by
    a vertically striped candy.  (above)
    If you get the four candy combination by moving a candy sideways you will get a horizontally striped candy.
    When you match up the striped candy it will clear a whole line of candies in the direction of the stripes.
    eg:  A vertically striped candy will clear all candies up and down from where the 
    striped sweet is.
    How do I make a wrapped candy/bomb?
    Five candy combinations.
    If you make a five candy combination in a T,  L  you get a 
    wrapped candy.
    Here you can see if I move either one of the orange candies I will make a L shape and get a wrapped candy.
    Below you will see if I move the yellow candy down it will make a T shape.

    ( yellow wrapped sweet below)

    When you match the wrapped candy with others it will explode a 3 x 3 block of candies around it, then when the board settles it will explode again taking another 3 x 3 block wherever it has fallen to..
    How do I make a Colour bomb?
    If you make a five candy combination in a straight line you'll get a spotted candy 
    (colour bomb or chocolate bomb).
    See picture above.
    Swapping a spotted candy with a plain coloured candy will remove all sweets of that colour from the board.
    So if you swap it with a green candy, all greens will be removed, swap with a yellow and all yellows will be removed etc.
    Advanced tactics for making colour bombs
    What happens when I combine special candies?.
    This is where the special candies are really useful.
    If you combine two striped candies of any colour they will clear a horizontal AND vertical line! 
    Ie: Up & down AND side to side!
    This will occur from the square that you moved the candy TO, this is important later in the game.

    See the image above. Move the orange stripe TO the purple striped sweet the vertical line will be cleared where the PURPLE candy is. And Vice verse. This works the same if the two candies are above and below each other. Whichever sweet you move TO will be the line which is cleared.                               Swap striped and wrapped candies   Combine this combination and you get a MEGA CANDY BLAST!             This clears THREE lines vertically and THREE lines horizontally!Again this is from the square to which you move the candy.

    This shows the horizontal blast, once this stops you will get the vertical blast.
    Swap Striped and Spotted Candies.
    Stripe and colour bomb.
    If you combine these 2 candies you get a very powerful combination!
    If you combine, say, a purple striped candy with s spotted candy, ALL the purple sweets on the board will turn into striped  purple candies, randomly striped horizontal or vertical.
    THEN all these striped candies will line blast taking huge chunks of the screen and scoring loads of points.

    Swap Wrapped with Spotted Candies.
    Combine these 2 candies and  whatever colour the wrapped candy is ALL the candies of that colour will be removed from the board, then when the board has settled another random colour
     is removed. 
    Very powerful on boards with just a few colours.
    Swap Wrapped and Wrapped candies.
    If two wrapped candies are combined you get a much larger area blast. 
    Then when the board settles, a further large blast.
    Spotted and Spotted.
    Swap colour bomb with colour bomb.
    This is quite difficult but if you combine two spotted candies it will remove ALL candies from the board, except certain "special" sweets you'll find later in the game and licorice.
    All these results happen whether you make the combinations directly or if they occur from the candies settling after a move, or as a result of some other combo!
    Eg: If you do a spotted and striped, the result will probably blow up any wrapped candies and trigger any stripes to do their line blasts!
    Thanks to  Adrian Gardner for this information.