Candy Crush Saga Level 203.

Tips for level 203 Candy Crush Saga

There are 4 striped candies already on the board at the start of level 203 so you will need to unlock them from the marmalade by making another stripe or a stripe / wrap combo.
The best way to clear the jelly from this level is with colour bombs and combos, which are fairly easy to make if you look around the board before every move and don't miss any chances.
Video below

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Anonymous said...

This one was easy. Just get stripped candies in a row to wipe out the stripped candies in the (North, South, East & West) corners that are hard to reach

Anonymous said...

Easy?!?!? Hah! You got to be kidding!

Anonymous said...

♥ Definitely not easy. Lots of luck required in what colors they give you. Took me many tries. Finally lucked out! Had a color ball.

Anonymous said...

I keep ending up with jellies that have no candy in them and I cannot figure out how to get the candy into them so I can explode them. They are usually at the top when I make a match lower down. Nothing drops in. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is easy.

I used this video and then I made 3 stars easily:

Bill. said...

Need vertical striped candie to finish the top not easy to get. Took ten attempts.