Candy Crush Saga Level 216.

Hints and tips for level 216 Candy Crush Saga
To collect the orders you will need to make as many special candies and combos as you can.
The things on the board that look like goldfish bowls with licorice inside are licorice dispensers, as soon as you clear the cream blockers from under them they will start to drop licorice when you make a move.
The licorice will only drop if you didn't clear any licorice with your move, and it can only drop when the cream blockers under the dispensers are cleared, so try to leave them in place if you can.


Leslie said...

Nice to have some action and fun!

Bill. said...

First attempt on pc. Good fun.

Anonymous said...

Just curious. What are those new things - gum ball machines? Looks like they block at the top but the goal is to clear and open the bottom. ? Anything else to know about them?

Anonymous said...

Level 216 was pretty easy. It helps to take advantage of combos like two stripes or two wrapped, because this will remove many jellies at once.