Candy Crush Saga Level 224.

Tips for level 224 Candy Crush Saga
The orders are a stripe/colour bomb combo and 20 stripes.
The colour bomb and one stripe are already on the board at the start, frozen in place so they don't get fired off too easily.
You just need to match beside the colour bomb and stripe, being careful not to set them off too soon, then drop the CB down next to the stripe.
Get as many candies the same colour as the stripe on the board and then match it with the colour bomb. That should give you most of the stripes you need then just make a few more to complete the level.
Video By Cookie.
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Anonymous said...

Focus on getting the stripped candy with the bomb. The bomb will make all the candies of the same color as your stripped candy stripped and give you your goal for a win (IF you have enough of that color on your board). PS

Anonymous said...

♥ Yeah this wasn't too bad. I enjoyed it. Took me few tries. Those black record thingy makes it challenging.

Anonymous said...

Based on the first comment, I selected a board that could lower the center combo bomb to the bottom stripped candy easily. After that I killed other candies other than the candies with the same color of the stripped candy without destroying any of them. Then I blasted the combo bomb with stripped candy, The blast accumulated 19 stripped candies. There was only one more to do with 9 moves. Finished it easily.

Anonymous said...

This level was not a easy as I would have thought after reading the previous comments. First, get the color bomb and striped candy uncovered On the first move if possible. Once you've combined them and set off the initial reaction, leave plenty of moves to create extra striped candies you'll need. Remember, it may take some time to combine these with like-colored candy. It took me about 15 tries to beat this level.

Bill. said...

Need to get the bomb and stripe next to each other and then need another bomb. Make sure that there are enough colours avaiable before you explode the bomb.

J Tucker said...

there really isn't any skill required to do this level, its all about luck, you never know where the jellies are going to fall when you make a move, you never know where the licorice is going to fill in at neither, but you definitely need to get as many stripes as you can, and you need to set off the color bomb with a striped candy, hopefully one that has a lot of the same colors left on the board as these will turn to striped as well.

Mom said...

I tried a few times unseccessfully b4 I read the comments. I cleared the bomb and stripe1st move, matched them and completed task with 17 moves left!

Anonymous said...

cherylcandycrush here.

It's not super easy, it takes a few tries.
You will need a colour bomb/stripe-probably twice, as the first one won't generate enough stripes.
If you can release and lower the colour bomb to fall over the stripe at the bottom,and do it quickly, obviously that is a great help.
But I didn't this time around. I made two other colour bombs and stripes and got it, so it CAN be done with a good board and a bit of luck, even if you miss the main bomb/stripe opportunity.