Candy Crush Saga Level 251.

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Anonymous said...

♥ After trying around 10 lives or so...finally got it. This one wasn't easy because they only give you 30 moves and there's more jelly than the moves. I combined wrapped candy with a fish. It really helped clear the jellies and gave me a few to work with. Then after that I got 2 color bombs with striped. That was luck! At the end I got 17 moves left. That was wild! I learned that you can combine any special candy with a fish regardless of color.

Anonymous said...


This level isn't too bad Lois, if you're looking. You'll get through this in a few tries. Quite restful after 245, you'll find.

Bill. said...

Need fish plus stripe candies or chocolate bombs to clear the cages quickly.

Anonymous said...

After nearly 30 tries over several days, I sought out other tips besides what's mentioned here. Using all of what I learned, I then got it after 2 more tries. Here is the sum of what I learned from this site and others: work from the bottom (as much as possible), pair fish with striped (easier said than done), make special candies but unless they are exceptionally useful try to save them for the Crush, and hold off on last fishes for as long as possible. Still was tough - I got it on my very last move (because of having some special candies available). Good luck! - KL