Candy Crush Saga Liquorice (Licorice) whorls.

Liquorice whorls are a nuisance more than anything. 

They take up spaces which lessens the area you have for candies to swap.

Getting rid of them is fairly easy. 

Simply match the candies in adjacent squares and they will dissolve, leaving a candy in the space. 

You can exchange them with normal candies to make a match, but they can't be matched with each other.

Once they are gone they don't come back, but more may fall down from the top of the board as you clear candies lower down.

They can be removed by specials....Striped, wrapped etc, but they stop striped candy blasts. 
Wrapper bombs will remove a 3 x 3 square of them and two colour bombs switched will remove all of them..

The striped candy blast will remove a liquorice whorl, but will go no further, so candy's behind the liquorice will not be touched.
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Two candy bombs will do nothing to remove them on level 210.