Candy Crush Saga Level 271.

Hints and tips for level 271 Candy Crush Saga
Level 271 is a great level for learning how to make special candies like stripes, wraps and colour bombs.
Before you make a move look carefully at the board as you may be able to make one of the specials you need straight away.
You need to switch your specials together to make combos, so once you have one of the special candies you need let it fall down near the bottom and see if you can make it's partner above it so you can get them together easier.
Normally you would work near the bottom of the board to cause cascades, but in level 271 you don't really want too many cascades as they could ruin any moves you are setting up.
So first look at the top of the board and work your way down. If you see a special candy pattern near the bottom of the board, don't make the move until you have checked there are no more higher up.
As always have a really good look around the board before every move so you don't miss any good moves. This is not a difficult level once you learn how to make the special candies. 
Last but not least, beware of the bombs. Don't forget about them while you are making your combos.
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Anonymous said...

Nice to come across a level that gives a bit of a frustration reprieve. Finished on 2nd try with 30 moves remaining. Try to get the color bomb first.

Anonymous said...

cherylcandycrush here.

Hooray, a great level for a change. A bit of a challenge but not too hard. I took lots more turns to get it than anon above (which won't surprise those who know me) but at least in this level you get close.
Beware the bombs and that ghastly licorice blocker stuff and some of those surprise candies are nasty surprises.

My best advice is to make whatever match you can, when you can, before things explode. If you get a spare colour bomb after making your combo it won't be wasted, Use it to get rid of one colour and give you more of a chance to get other matches.
This level self-generates a lot.

Bill. said...

Got the bomb first which makes it a lot easier.