Candy Crush Saga Level 279

Tips for level 279 Candy Crush Saga
Level 279 is a jelly level and the tricky jellies are the ones in the bottom squares.
There are several ways of destroying those 3 jellies.. 
A colour bomb used on a colour that is in the jelly, or a colour bomb / stripe combo if there is a colour in one of the jellies the same colour as the stripe.
A stripe / wrap combo along the bottom row will get it, or the fish from the middle of the board.
Switching the fish with a stripe is likely to get the bottom jellies too. If you don't get a chance to switch the fish with a stripe save it as long as possible as it will always go for jelly and if there is no more jelly except in the bottom squares the fish will go there
Video below

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Candy Crush Saga said...

Well done! Level passed!

Bill. said...

Make sure two bottom candies are the same colour then you need a chocolate bomb to blast them.

Anonymous said...

Another easy level completed first time with 12 moves left.