Candy Crush Saga Level 34

Video By Cookie.
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The video shows how to pass level 34..


Anonymous said...

Tough one!! Came so close multiple times! Wrapped candies together work well. What worked for me is getting color bombs (multi-color speckled bombs) next to a striped candy. Don't just explode them. If it's a blue striped candy, look at the top and see how many more blue candies you can get to drop...without exploding the existing ones. Sometimes I can get an extra 10 blue candies (for instance) down. Remember when you combine a color bomb with a striped candy, all the other candies of the same color turn to striped candies causing them to do a lot of damage across the board. I hope this makes's hard to explain. PM

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how I completed this game - it looked like I still had jelly to remove, but I guess not.

I wish the boards stayed up once you completed a game so that you could see what you could have done or what the end result was.

I focused on saving the fish as long as possible and on the top 4 boxes. Good luck. PM

Anonymous said...

I thought this game was impossible, but I came close twice and realized I had to keep at it.

I play through FB on my laptop. It took about 30 boosters, no money spent.

The game I won I made combinations along the edges and away from the center that would produce chocolate and I got lucky.

The games I came close to winning - - 1 move away from a move, I just chased chocolate and still got close to lucky.

Avoid making striped candies - they do you no good unless you want to clear sections to hopefully get better combinations!!

Good luck!! PM

Anonymous said...

Your video on game 34 is all scrambled like your talking under water and not one word could be understood. As it was, it did show the playing of the game but it didn't look any different than what I do anyway. Wasn't helpful at all. Sorry.