Candy Crush Saga Level 301

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 301 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie.
Level 301 Candy Crush Saga is an orders level and you need to collect 20 striped candies and 6 wrapped candies.
The best way to collect the striped candies is by switching a colour bomb with a stripe. This will give you most, if not all, the striped candies you need.
If you don't manage to make the colour bomb/stripe combo just keep making stripes whenever you get the chance.
The hardest things to make are the wrapped candies, these give most people trouble, but if you read our page on making wrapped candies it should help you make sense of them.
Go for the wraps first since they are the hardest.
Keep your eyes on the bombs in the middle, try to switch them if you can, which will give you a normal candy instead of a bomb. The bombs are the things most likely to kill your game so don't ignore them, clear them as soon as you get a chance, you may not get a second chance.
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Anonymous said...

♥ This one was fun! I went for the wrapped mostly to get it over with. Challenging part is watching out for the timed bombs. Usually wasn't a problem. I saved the color ball in case I needed it to take care of a timed bomb that's running out.

Anonymous said...

Nice level, got this first time. used spotted balls to get rid of one colour & then made the wrapped & striped from colours left each time. Good luck :)

Bill. said...

Wrappef candies when you see them. Stripe candies fairly easy. Keep an eye on the bombs.

loranon said...

I went for the wrapped candies first, then used a dotted candy ball on a striped candy. That did it !! I want to thank everyone who has posted comments, they have really helped me!! I only wish I had found this site slot earlier !!!

Anonymous said...

I never would have gotten this far without the help of all you wonderful people. Thank you!