Candy Crush Saga Level 303

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 303 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
First unlock the colour bomb at the top and switch it with a stripe, if one of the stripes is the same colour as one of the bombs at the bottom and you are able to switch it use that as that will remove at least one bomb and with luck both of them.
If the bombs are still there after the first couple of moves you should treat them as a priority. You won't get very far if the bombs are still there.
Once the bombs are gone start clearing the blockers, the jelly is under all the blockers so everything needs to be cleared. The fish will clear some of the jelly from under the blockers but it is almost impossible to tell which ones the fish have cleared, so just assume that all the blockers have jelly under them.
The chocolate can be a nightmare if it is allowed to take over too much of the board, so try to keep it confined by making matches next to it whenever possible.
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Anonymous said...

♥ Took me several tries. There are 2 timed bombs that gives you 10 moves before they get you. I used the color ball to take care of them. You need a lucky board as well. Combos are a must.

Anonymous said...

It took a while and it takes a good board, it can be done. I finished it twice and my new laptop lock up before my wins could be registered. So here's to doing it again---after I work the kinks out of this crazy computer.

Lenora Peary said...

Everytime this game starts there are no moves, it flashes a move which can't be done as one is covered by a jelly. I have to try and do moves all over before it comes up and says no more moves, shuffling. :( Glitch

MollyEliza said...

I got this tip from

On Android, iPhone and iPad you can restart before making a play and you won't lose a life. So keep restarting until the time bombs are the same colour and then clear that colour with a colour bomb.

My own tip is once you have cleared the jelly from the top half let the chocolate spread up and you can then clear the bottom half without it getting in the way.

Happy Crushing!

Anonymous said...

Lenora, you can explode a jelly but you can't move it. Still trying to beat this one.

Bill. said...

Start when bombs same colour then blast them with chocolate bomb.

Anonymous said...

the chocolate can also cover the bomb when you start, that is helpful too!

Anonymous said...

please, i need a lucky board