Candy Crush Saga Level 306

Tips and tricks for level 306 Candy Crush Saga

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The orders for level 306 are 100 yellow candies, so that's all you need to do, collect yellow candies.
You don't need to clear the board of cream blockers, but it will give you more room to make special candies and combos, which in turn will give you more of the yellow candies you need.
The rainbow candies change colour with every move you make, but they only change between 2 colours so you can still plan your moves if you can remember which colour each candy will change into.
Concentrate on making special candies and combos, rather than just chasing yellow candies and you should pass level 306 within a few tries.
If the changing colours cause you a problem adjust the colour on your screen to make them less bright and it may help.
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Suanne Berger said...

Just got to this level, rainbows make me dizzy, lol Now to figure it out!

Anonymous said...

♥ What a surprise to see flickering rainbows! The candies change colors after each move. Interesting concept. Beat this level after about 5 lives. Cascades bring out more yellow. Key is cascades and using combos to get the most of your yellows!!

Anonymous said...

Got it on the first try. A little to see the colors change. Try to get the combos, they helped a lot.

Julie Vareli said...

Oh dear ... I cannot play this game any more and I was hoping to play every level until the end , but these changing candies are making my eyes hurt and giving me an headache , so I only made it to level 305, gutted .

Bill. said...

Two chocolate bombs plus stripes did the trick.

Baja Ren said...

Beat on my first try. Not too hard, but you can't set up for chocolate balls or anything else, because of color changes. Sometimes it's good to clear predominate color with choco ball just to set board up with more yellows.

Anonymous said...

Not all my yellows are counting down when I hit them in the iPad app.:(

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I think these rainbow candies are a health hazard. All it has given me is a migraine and made me feel very sick. Goodness knows how anyone who has epilepsy would get on. They would have no chance. Looks like this could be the end for me as I'm not going to make myself ill over a game. Bad mistake there King 😬😬😬😬😬