Candy Crush Saga, how to make a colour bomb.

If you have trouble making colour bombs for some Candy Crush Saga levels, here is a pictorial guide to making them.
This is level 153 which requires you to switch 2 colour bombs together..

In the picture above you can see that if you move the green candy down one place by switching it with the red one you will have two pairs of greens with one green above the gap.

Then switch the green into the gap and you have your first colour bomb!  
Picture below.

The picture below is the same game after a few more moves..
It is very tempting to move the red candy across to make a stripe, but we don't really want stripes in this level, we need colour bombs so ignore that and look at the orange candies..
There are 2 pairs again with a gap, so we need to get another orange candy down next to the gap.
So we switch the red vertically which will bring the orange down to cover the gap.

If this was a level which needed to clear jelly we could make the red stripe as well as the colour bomb, but in this level that could be dangerous and blow up our carefully made colour bombs!

Now just switch the orange across to make your second colour bomb!
This time we are very lucky and can now make a third colour bomb in just one move!
Look carefully and you'll see how!

A couple more moves bottom right will bring the third Colour bomb down level with the second one and you can switch them together to complete this level..


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Great tips. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I played this level for days-but focusing on not making stripes got me the bombs you need!

Anonymous said...

At Level 254 candy's explode uncontrollable, and even if bring wrapped candies together, they just explode on their own, very frustrating, played for more than 50 lives.

Anonymous said...

Well I finally got two color bombs together and they exploded, but I didn't get credit for it!!! The game stayed on Level 153 instead of advancing! Now I can't seem to get past this level again. Very frustrating but I don't suppose there's anything I can do except keep trying for a second time!

April said...

That is soooooo frustrating! I had that happen on another difficult level and just had to hammer away at it until I cracked it a second time. I wonder how many other people this has happened to?