Candy Crush Saga Level 322

How to pass level 322 without boosters

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Anonymous said...

♥ Not all jellies need to be hit. I thought I had 4 more to go but it told me I was complete. It was the 4 wavy looking jellies near the chocolate machines that don't need to be hit completely. 3 stars. Not hard level.

Anonymous said...

A fairly easy level you do not need to eliminate the blockers surrounding the chocolate factories. Just remove all the visible jellies. You can start removing jellies without opening the chocolate factories. Open it up when you need to clear the jellies located in the lower part of the board. -LEI

Anonymous said...

I suggest u watch the video and carefully read the above comments. It's deceiving as you don't have to hit all the jellies!

Bill. said...

Need to hit the corner jelly whenever possible. Chocolate not a real problem. Usually get within five then with a combination you can clear the level.

Anonymous said...

C/candycrush here.
Not as hard as you think on first sight.
Have a good look at the game board before you start. The only ones you have to clear are the actual ones showing as white jellies. Those other creamy silver marmalade thingies do not have jelly under them.

The corner ones are the trickiest. I started by trying to clear near the bottom or sides first, while avoiding releasing the rampaging chocolate.
A colour bomb/striped candy combo half way through got me through.
Not a hard level-a few tries only.

Anonymous said...

The version on desktop is far simpler than the one on iPhone. After several fruitless tries on iPhone I completed the level on desktop version with 17 moves left; it was just simply easy.