Candy Crush Saga Level 324

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AnĂ³nimo said...

Tried to play this level on laptop and it was impossible, with bombs falling down all the time.
Play it on iphone... much easier, very few bombs and lots of color balls. Not a very high score, but enough to get 3 stars and move on quite quickly

Anonymous said...

♥ Played on PC Facebook. Focused on the bombs & making combos. Eventually got it with 3 stars & 7 moves left.

Anonymous said...

Got this out 1st go., only one star..will go back and redo one day!! totally easy but

Bill. said...

Finished third attempt. Need to control bombs but not difficult to get all the orders.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here.
Easy level. mine finished itself off as I was having a sip of coffee. I got quite a surprise. 3 stars too.
All you need is a good game board, one that allows a couple of combos-striped and wrapped candy is what I got twice.
Just watch the bombs and destroy as you can as the move around, easy to forget them.
But if first you don't succeed, don't worry, a few more games and you will.

Alina said...

I play the game on my iPad. I receive a lot of lives from friends which are great. I also noticed that I receive extra moves from friends as well but don't know how to use them. When I click on the extra move icon I have to pay. So where di I cash in on the free moves I receive?