Candy Crush Saga Level 339

Tips for level 339 Candy Crush Saga
You need to collect 250 orange candies in 50 moves, that's 5 candies each move.
The first thing is to open the board by matching the candies in the marmalade. Remember the chameleon candies only change between 2 colours so if you see a colour bomb pattern and some of the candies change colour try to play the next move high up and wait for the candies to change back so you can make your colour bomb.
Once the board is open combos are the answer. 
Forget about collecting orange candies and just make specials and combos.
The orange candies will be collected if you follow that simple tip.
Keep your eye on the number of moves you have left as you don't want to miss the last 2 or 3 orange candies by making a match of a different colour at the end.
Video below, 
watch how I waited for the chameleon candies to change to make the red colour bomb.

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Anonymous said...

This took a few attempts. My hints
1. Leave the centre line alone after you expose it with a vertical stripe as it has bombs with 5 sec timers..5 moves!!
2. Create vertical stripes to start clearing blocks on each side
3. Try and create a choc col and u can easily on this, connect to a stripe candy, wrapped candy are of no use in this as u do not want to expose the centre line until you have 5 moves they are bombs with 5 sec timers..hence 5 moves left

I got lucky...2 choc balls, one I used and it cleared all but one jelly
Immediately created 2nd choc ball and cleared my last jelly!! I just hit the blue candy that was lucky...with a few moves..3 stars

GO SLOW and u will get this good luck

Michelle said...

The previous poster's comment refers to level 340, not 339 :)

339 you have to just work on getting as many big combos as possible. You really only need to get about 5-6 orange candies each turn, and if you can get a big combo you're good.

Color bomb with a stripe or Stripe with a Wrapper seem to give about 10-15 candies per hit, sometimes up to 20. Watch the rainbows and use a color bomb with an orange if you can, just count your candies to see if that's the most advantageous use.

It just takes a little work, but Color Bombs are easy to get on this level.

Anonymous said...

combinations are the key - even when there are not lots of orange on the board, just make the combinations. you will see the count drop dramatically. easy to make chocolate balls on this level that you can combine with any stripe to clear out the orange pieces.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. After I stopped concentrating on trying to collect the orange candies and focused only on combinations, it was easy to finish up. They will collect themselves as you ignore them. :) Good luck!

Bill. said...

Agree blow every combination especially chocolate bombs.

Michelle dv said...

This was fun! Clear the icing to open up the board. Then work mostly from the bottom. Make as many striped and wrapped as you can and activate them together. Detonate a sprinkled with a striped or wrapped for maximum effect. Don't focus on the orange. If you do the above then the oranges mostly deal with themselves. On my second try I scored 3 stars with 9 go's remaining.

Anonymous said...

Level 339.
Thank you I used the suggestions and finished it straight away after being stuck for a little while. Used bombs & stripe combo.