Candy Crush Free Switch Hand

The Candy Crush Saga free switch Hand Booster can be bought and used at any time during the game.
You buy them with gold bars which in turn have to be bought with real money, either paypal, credit card or prepay cards, or you may win one on the daily booster wheel.
It allows you to switch 2 candies that don't match.
The hand will only move candies ONE space, so you can only switch adjacent candies, you can't move candies from one part of the board to another.
It is very useful for getting 2 special candies together to make a powerful combo!
Also very useful on ingredients levels where you may need to move an ingredient accross to get it down the exit column.
Just click or tap on the hand booster at the top of the game, then click on the candy or ingredient you want to move and drag it to the square you want to move it to, just like switching two matching candies.
Here is a demo video which shows how it works.
I used it in the last 2 moves in this video to complete the level..

The video was made on level 28.


Grammy said...

Quitting on level 421. It can't be beat!

Anonymous said...

I am also quitting on level 421. Impossible and not fun any more. :-(

Anonymous said...

Its possible. It took me forever to beat 421 but i beat it. Now im stuck on 425.

Marshall Treleven said...
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Anonymous said...

421 is possible... there are definitely hard levels, the higher you get.
I'm currently stuck on 461. Like any other hard level, I'll get it eventually.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 421. Bye,bye!!!

Anonymous said...

421 took forever. had to use a few saved lollipop hammers , same with 425. both the pits. but you can get thru it


Fase 677 candy crush não dá pra passar muito difícil explode muito fácil e as combinações são muitas