Candy Crush Saga Level 364

How to pass level 364
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Anonymous said...

Easy level. Be sure to make horizontal stripes right away and clear the time bombs, jelly and chocolate. Then the game will be a breeze. Good Luck! PM

Anonymous said...

I found it easy to create a choc ball and hit it with a stripe before the bombs went level and was worried when i first saw it reminding be of that horrid level a few back i was stuck on for days.

This took 2 lives!! really easy

Robin Spitzer said...

How do you make horizontal or vertical balls on purpose?

Anonymous said...

3 cherries
3 onions
The ingredients would come down from the left box to the upper right box down to the lower right box.
1. Eliminate first the chocolates in the lower row using horizontal striped candy or a combo.
2. Use wrapped + striped combo or striped candy to eliminate the 2-hit blocker.
3.You get lots of opportunities to form color bombs and wrapped + striped combos. Form all the special combos to bring the ingredients down.

Fun level! Used one life only! - LEI

Troutco said...

I'm able to clear the bombs and the chocolate, and clear the way for ingredients to drop down. But they seem to come down only one at a time. I rarely see more than 3 nuts or fruit.

What triggers them to come down so you clear them out? (Once you get one out, another comes.... but there aren't enough moves to get them cleared one at a time.

How do I get them to appear so I can clear a bunch at once?

Lenora Peary said...

its not an onion - thats not candy, its a hazelnut

Ladilove said...

Use the left side to clear the bottom right of bombs, chocolate and blockers. Hopefully with just a few moves. Then work from the bottom right only to bring ingredients down. Only work from left side if you run out of moves. Choco and stripes are a big help as well.

Bill. said...

Clear the bombs then work on rhs whenever possible.

Michelle dv said...

Lots of fun! Wipe out the bombs with a horizontal striped then focus on right side. My fruit only came out one at a time, once one had gone down. Focus on horizontal striped, combos with wrapped and chocs to clear the rows blocking the fruit. It's easy to run out of moves so focus on what you really need to clear the right side.

Femsonite said...

I've been seeing people asking how to clear level 130. I had the same issue until I came here. I was struck on level 130 but with the little explanation I got here through the images, I easyly got it right and it was so easy. Now let me explain it clear. When you combine 4 same color of candy ��together, it gives you one stripe. So try to combine another 4 same color of candis together and get another stripe. When you have 2 stripes, then figure out how you will join the 2 stripes together to enable you clear one order. On level 130, you need to clear 5 orders meaning you need to combine 2 stripes 5 times. Each time you combine 2 stripes together, you clear one of order and when you look at the right top of your screen, you will see how many orders left to clear. Good luck.