Candy Crush Saga Level 30: Hints and Tips

Candy Crush Saga tips for level 30.
Try to clear the pyramid of meringues first: the more blocks you clear, the more candies you get, the more exit routes you have for the ingredients and the more big matches you can make
The biggest help for this level is knowing when the ingredients wi
ll appear. Here's a hint: when you clear an ingredient from the bottom of grid, the next one will drop down immediately after your next swap. So, try to make the next swap after clearing an ingredient into a vertical column you can easily clear. Also, try to clear ingredients as soon as you can, if you leave them on the board, even if they are down the bottom, it won't trigger a new ingredient.
Vertical striped candies will clear ingredient effortlessly, so keep looking for those opportunities to match 4. And remember, vertical swaps into match-4s give you vertical striped candies

Tips for level 30 
This level can only be annoying, not because of the marshmellows blocking the bottom, but because on most occasions, there's no candy to break below the ingredient. Basically, start off by taking out the cream at the bottom. 

Once that is gone, it's just basically a plain normal level, not many tips to provide. If you can, set up a vertical striped candy above/below the ingredient to remove it immediately. You will have 60 moves to complete the level, so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

By Joel Gnanasigamony


Anonymous said...

i have been on this level for days. how do i get the fruit to come down? i have gotten all the fruit down except for 1 or 2 but they are not on the screen so how do i get them to show up. help

Anonymous said...

not helpful this isn't working so why a website you are stating the obvious just kidding put on more hints

Anonymous said...

figure it out don't cheat gosh

Anonymous said...

Very difficult for me. I can sometimes get two or three of one fruit down, but still have the other three and they don't seem to ever appear so you can continue. As for me, I am extremely frustrated and would like more tips.

Anonymous said...

I have not been able to get all the fruit on the screen, let alone get rid of them--is there an easy way ??

maillady42 said...

I have also been on this level for days! I have cleared all of the "marshmallows" or concrete blocks as I see them, & I have cleared all the ingredients on the screen while wasting moves for others to drop down! I always lose because the others won't drop! This is crazy & all be darn if I'm gonna spend money to get extra help! I shouldn't have to!!

Candy man said...

Thank you for the video and the new tips you are adding.