Candy Crush Saga Level 387

How to pass Candy Crush Saga Level 387
No Boosters
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Anonymous said...

Straightforward make sure cherries are not above chocolate makers.

Anonymous said...

I feel scammed with this level. I had both cherries down with 28 moves left and then the first hazelnut down with 20 moves left after that the 2nd hazelnut never appeared despite me clearing much of the board with some combos along the way.

I'm not adverse to paying for boosters so as much out of curiosity at how long it would take for the 2nd hazelnut to even appear I purchased extra moves and the boosters that come with it 5 times over so an extra 25 moves in total before I gave up waiting for it to appear.

I won't quit the game like so many here say they will but I'll certainly never bother paying for moves again.

Bill. said...

Quite tricky need to get vertical combinations above the fruit.

Anonymous said...

An interesting level. On my first attempt, I ended up with three ingredients down and the last one sitting with just a blue candy between it and the exit, and a sparkly adjacent to a blue elsewhere on the board, but on the first attempt, I am not going to use boosters. It took five attempts in all, and in the fifth attempt, a sparkly/sparkly combo really helped, clearing the board the dropping the ingredients I had. Striped/striped combos later helped clear a path for the last ingredient. Chocolate can be a problem on this level, but the licorice is worse, as I had to constantly work to clear it and set up stripes and wraps. Also, one must be careful to get the ingredients out of the columns with the chocolate generators. They always seem to appear above them, especially early in the try.

Anonymous said...

Straight forward, it says at the top of this post....sure is if you're the luckiest S.O.B. on the planet and don't rely on skill or strategy to play this game. King are destroying the fun element and making it a chore to play. Tips haven't worked yet, so hoping for yet another level that brings on a lucky board....oh joy!

Anonymous said...

Striped at bottom is what worked for me (the sprinkles were rare). I found that the fruit got stuck at the bottom above just one licorice. A striped and wrapped at the bottom was even better. Make sure the fruit don't get stuck above a chocolate factory.