Candy Crush Saga Level 405

How to pass level 405 Candy Crush Saga
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Anonymous said...

Try to combine a speckled color bomb with a stripped early on so that you can get all your striped candies.

I had a red striped candy, but only one other red on the board. I carefully dropped candies to get more reds and got all 7 needed.

The wrapped candies were easy to make. Just be sure to leave enough moves to eliminate them...otherwise they do not count.

Good luck! PM

Bill. said...

Fairly easy need a little patience. Speckled plus stripe first and you are well on the way.

Anonymous said...

I made a chocolate with a stripe first then after that I made a whole bunch of stripes and wrapped and just left them on the board. Eventually I used a couple of stripe/ wrapped combos to clear them all. I didn't pay any attention to the two side columns. Went fast and easy. Fun level.

Anonymous said...

It's easy if you get a good board, but I keep getting the "no more moves" :(

Anonymous said...

How many times am I going to get down to one combo to get and it just rips it away! Grrrrr.

Anonymous said...

cherylcandycrush here.
Fairly easy, a day's work. It isn't a bad level as at least sometimes you get close, so you know it will happen eventually.

I got through without a lot of combos. Mainly just stripes on their own and colour bomb on its own.

My board generated a few wraps and stripes of its own with the cascades, so it all helps.

Michelle dv said...

Focus on the bottom to get to the choc sprinkle, then combine it with a striped. Forget about the sides - they'll sort themselves out when you combine your choc sprinkle with your striped. If you happen to get a choc sprinkle, try to match it with a stripe asap. I thought this level was quite ok and fun.