Candy Crush Saga Level 416

How to pass level 416 Candy Crush Saga

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No Boosters


Bill. said...

Did at second attempt.

Anonymous said...

The best way to eliminate the move bombs is to make a vertical striped candy in the middle.
* i cleared the blockers by using horizontal striped and wrapped candies eliminating one bomb every move before they go off.
* After the move bombs are cleared start clearing the jellies, if would be simpler if you do not have any move bombs to think of. -LEI

Eric Yeung said...

The browser was terminated itself when loading Candy Crash to 100% from Facebook. It stated certificate error of "*.Instagram*". But I have remove Instagram from my Android mobile long time ago.
Is there anyone suffering this problem?
Mobile spec: Samaung Note II

Thank you so much!

Eric Yeung said...
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Anonymous said...

second try, another fun level!! combo's seemed fairly easy to make!

Anonymous said...

cherylcandycrush here.

What a great level!
No chocolate rampaging through.

Just you and the jelly, with lots and lots of combos just happening.

You do have to get rid of the bombs, so there is a little challenge, play a few rounds, but not too many.

M said...

Aaah, more bliss. So nice after some of the devilish levels a few games back.