Secrets of Candy Crush

Here is something  you may not know about Candy Crush Saga...

   Jelly fish.
      The fish can actually eat jelly from UNDERNEATH cream!
This means if you have squares which are difficult to get at and have lots of layers of cream covering jelly you can just hit them with a fish and they will clear one layer of jelly from under the cream, at the same time they'll skim off one layer of cream to show they've done their job!
To ensure that the fish get the squares you want and not a normal jelly square, save them until all the normal jelly is gone so they have nowhere else to go... 
Fish will always try to hit jelly if there is any available.

Make stripes go the way you want!
You can easily influence the way your stripes go when you match them.
If you make a stripe by matching SIDEWAYS your stripe will have horizontal stripes and will blast SIDEWAYS!
If you make a stripe by matching UP or DOWN your striped candy will have VERTICAL stripes on and it will blast UP and DOWN!
Go here for detailed information on how to make CANDY COMBINATIONS

Cream, cupcakes, frosting, stone blockers.
Whatever you call them they are guaranteed to be in your way whether you need to clear jelly, collect orders or get ingredients off the board.
Usually the cream needs to be cleared in order to complete the level and it could be varying thickness from one layer to 5!
For detailed description and how to clear them GO HERE.


Anonymous said...

I eared my facebook anf made a new one , ig i log in with my new one would it erase and make me start all over?

Candy Crush Level 76 said...

The secret is actually useful for me.

Anonymous said...

On level the counter will count the jellies

Anonymous said...

On level 447 the counter will not count the red jellies