Candy Crush Saga Toffee Tornadoes,cyclones

Candy Crush Saga Toffee Tornadoes
Cyclones or tornadoes are introduced at level 411.
They are a serious inconvenience as well as occasionally helpful!
Cyclones move around the board semi randomly each time you make a move. 
They destroy whatever is in the square they land on 
(except jelly) and prevent you from using that square. They stay in place for one move, then they fly off to another square and the candies fall into place to fill the space they left..
See image below.

The toffee tornadoes can be destroyed by hitting with the blast from a stripe or stripe/wrap combo, or by exploding a wrap beside them. Once destroyed they do not come back.
The tornadoes can help as well as hinder as they will destroy cream and chocolate and also the dreaded bombs!
Below is a short video showing the cyclones in action.


Jonathan Goins said...

I hate cyclones... everytime i am setting up to get a collection.. those bastards land on the candy I need to move...

Anonymous said...

I think there are jellies under all of the cupcakes. There are 26 total (according to the stats that come up on the Android app), and if you count the visible jellies and the cupcakes it totals 26. The trick is remembering which jellies the fish got to, and that's almost impossible! The tip of saving the fish for as long as possible is a good one, I'm getting closer now. telecharger candy crush