Candy Crush Saga Level 429

How to pass level 429 Candy Crush Saga
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Anonymous said...

You start with a lot of moves, so work on the edges first to remove as many as possible before the numbered bombs start dropping.
Also, try to save the vertical stripes at the bottom to knock out a lot of low numbered color bombs.

I got lucky and on my third game got two chocolate bombs together. It left me with 5 easy jellies to clear and at least 20 moves left.

Good luck! PM

Shawn said...

There is no jelly in the center column, but time bombs. Focus on both sides.

Bill. said...

Nice level got within one twice before completing. Sides first then keep an eye on the bombs when they drop.

Lei said...

Quite a challenging but passable level, easier compared to the previous episode's levels.
* There are no jellies under the 2-hit blockers down the middle so as much as possible lock it down do not release the move bombs.
* clear the jellies on the sides first then open up the blockers only when you need to. I passed the level by only freeing up the blockers on my moves to clear 2 jellies. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Yep clear as much on the sides as you can and avoid breaking underneath the bomb portals until the last minute. Keep your stripes till last and you should get through without too many problems.

Anonymous said...

This was a fun level even though I kept having one left. I finally got a speckled bomb and a stripe that wiped out all of the bombs. Try to clear the sides before you set off the bombs.

Anonymous said...

I must be getting the stink boards as I have not even gotten close after numerous tries even after reading the tips. Oh well, will keep persevering.

Wendy said...

Clear sides jellies without breaking middles as much as possible before bombs drop, paying particular attention to outside and bottom edges as those are harder to get later. Sprinkled and stripe does wonders here, especially if bombs have dropped a little as they add more candies. After that think really carefully with next moves. Took three tries on ipad.