How to separate real life friends from gaming friends

How to use FB lists to keep your Candy Crush Friends 
separate from your real life friends.

We all love to play Candy Crush Saga and need lots of friends to give and receive lives, tickets etc.
But if your addiction is a guilty secret, or you just don't want your newsfeed clogged up with games posts, LISTS are the perfect solution!
We have found a website which explains how to divide your friends into relevant lists for all your activities and games..
Just follow the link and find out how to keep your newsfeed clean and tidy..

Click on the image below.

Scroll down for more tips..


Candy Crush Level 97 said...
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Ollie Jacob said...

I used to be able to continue levels on my pc while I waited for levels to be available on mobile. Now it says my pc needs updated browser but I've checked and I have the latest safari and flash player. im at level 2825. Does this mean I have to wait on both pic and mobile Does this mean the developer has developed any more levels at this time for both pc and mobile?