Candy Crush Saga Level 446

How to pass level 46 Candy Crush Saga
Video By Cookie.
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Anonymous said...

I matched a striped candy with a color bomb early on and was home free with just 4 moves left to make. Ended with 15 moves remaining. Good luck! PM

Bill. said...

Fairly straightforward for this stage.

Lei said...

* There are just so many candies to unlock here and jellies to clear the best way to pass this level is definitely a color bomb + striped combo! You can try to unlock the color bomb in the middle and hope a striped candy falls next to it. But I made my own colorbomb 3x to clear this level.
* But the priority here is definitely to clear the bombs first. Make your moves slowly, stop after every move and check for combos to make, special candies or moves to unlocl candies and eliminate these bombs. After your bombs are eliminated you can work at your own pace. Bit do not waste too many moves on the bombs.
* what worked for me was making matches below to maximize cascades. More candies will be unlocked with cascades. It is better than staying on top and just removing locked csndies and jellies there, no action down below.
* So eliminate bombs, make a color bomb + striped combo then you will finish this level in no time. Happy crushing more candies!

Michelle dv said...

Luvverly Level!