Candy Crush Saga Shuffle

A shuffle can be brought on in two ways: when a player runs out of possible switches on the Candy Crush Saga board, or by using the Shuffle booster.
A Candy Shuffle is when all the candies on the board are shuffled. The colours of the candies don't change, but their position on the board does. 
When a Candy Crush player runs out of possible moves, all the candies go into a pink bag in the centre of the screen and are then shaken and  they come out of the bag in different positions on the board. 

Not all candies  are shuffled, all normal candies are as well as any special candies but they will still be special after shuffling. 
Candies which DON'T move during a shuffle are timed bombs and any candies locked in licorice.
At the top of the screen during a shuffle it will read, "No more possible switches, shuffling."
Shuffling uses a move on Facebook, but on iOS it doesn't. 
If you're playing on Facebook and there is a shuffle on a timed level, it will take 5 seconds from your time. 
As shuffling uses a move on Facebook, if a shuffle occurs with only 1 move left, the player will lose a life without seeing the shuffle animation and the reason for failure will be: 
"No more possible switches".  
After a shuffle there might be a possible move.
Sometimes a shuffle can be very useful, for example when you can't make a switch to remove jelly, then after shuffling the jelly can be reached.
It is impossible for a shuffle to be brought on without a booster if there is a colour bomb on the screen.
Sometimes you can get a double shuffle if the first one doesn't give you a move, I have known the board to shuffle 3 or 4 times in a row on occasions.
Sometimes shuffles are frustrating, especially if you have a stripe or wrap lined up nicely for destroying a particular obstacle and the shuffle moves them to another part of the board where they are useless!
But occasionally they will give you a colour bomb or other special candy..

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