Tips for level 77 Candy Crush Saga

The candies from the top go through the portals into the bottom section, they do not affect the ones in the bar.
The only way to move the ones in the bar are to match them, or use a special candy to blast them.
Try not to release the chocolate until you are ready to remove it, which you can do best by using a colour bomb/stripe combo.. If you manage to make this combo only set it off if you have at least 2 candies of the same colour as the stripe in the bar. This should ensure the chocolate is destroyed.
Wraps won't really help in this level unless they are matched with a stripe as they won't touch the middle row, therefore won't destroy any jelly..
You need to make as many stripes and colour bombs as you can..
More tips from an anonymous player.
Look for matches in the middle row first.
Then make as many vertical stripes as you can. (follow the link below to see how to make vertical stripes). Save them for now if you can.
Try not to hit the locked candy yet as it stops the chocolate from spreading.
Once you have a few stripes see if you can make a colour bomb by working on just one colour. 
If you can manage to make a colour bomb combine it with a stripe, but make sure there are at least 2 candies the same colour as the stripe in the middle row to give a good chance of getting rid of the chocolate.
Once you have as many special candies as you can start using them to destroy the jelly.

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DensC said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

For this level you should prioritize on generating horizontal striped candies so that you can hit the center bar vertically.
I got thru level 77 when I focused more on clearing the jellies from within the center bar every time I get a chance. Anyway, within the first 5 moves of awaking the replicating chocolates, you should have cleared them out, otherwise it is going to be difficult as they will keep on replicating.
Also, if you kept on getting stuck and wondered how others leveled up so quickly, then it's time you understand some Candy Crush secrets.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!