Candy Crush Saga Level 473

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Mike C said...

This one is tricky, but not too bad. If you suck (like me) at making wrappers, it's more difficult, but by level 473, you should be able to at least manage. The trick to the sides is to start exploding them from the top, or near the top, t hey'll just all exploded, one after the other. If the corner wrappers get stuck, it's not the end of the world. You'll have plenty of moves to make the wrappers explode and make enough extras to finish the level.

Bill. said...

Got if finally need to find wrapped candies whenever. Ones on sides go anytime. Quite good fun.

Anonymous said...

This was an easy level. Got it on my second try by
setting off the speckled candies which took care of the sides and also created more wraps.

Anonymous said...

Got it on the 2nd try. If you set off a wrapped candy up high on both sides that will give you most of what you need. Then the rest is up to you to make, which you have plenty of moves to do it. Crush on folks!

Anonymous said...

i agree, not a difficult level. set off the sides first then concentrate on making more wraps! took about 4 tries!

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here.
Easy level.
When I saw I had to make 24 wrappers, I didn't feel confident but I didn't actually have to make any.
Get the sides exploding asap and the wraps seem to come from nowhere, about 8-10 will be done at the one time, plus the system sends a lot of special candies and they are all wraps too. I went from 24, to 16 needed, then only 3 and the system sent 3 special candy. I never had to make even one.
Nice to have an easy level for a change.

John said...

Fun level but I am finding it a bit difficult, I am not good at making the wrapped candy. Thank you to all that leave comments they are a great help. I never even look at the video never helps me but the comments usually do.