Candy Crush Saga Level 478

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No Boosters

Tips for level 478 Candy Crush
The cake needs to be cleared first, but before you clear the last piece of the cake check that the cream blocks top left and right are cleared.
These are stopping the two wraps from moving.
Once the cream is gone you can clear the cake and the two wraps will be unlocked and will fall into the bottom squares through the teleports.
Then hit them with a stripe or colour bomb and the two squares will be cleared by the wrapper blast.


Anonymous said...

This level is annoyingly hard. I cannot clear the two bottom squares. I clear the cannon quickly but then there are just not enough combos to shoot across the two boxes.
The only time I managed it I had overlooked 2 jellies on the main board!
Oh well, keep trying.

Mike C said...

Didn't find this one all that hard. As long as those two wrapped candies fall properly into the two corners, it's just a matter of stripes or another special to explode them. They take care of all the jelly in the corners. I focused on clearing the main board jelly and the cake, clearing as much of the main board as I could before exploding the cake.

Only took a few tries to finish this level.

Anonymous said...

I've won this level many times, but have never managed to get to the two star level, let alone earn 3 stars. Any tips you have are greatly appreciated!

yorkie bages said...

Just done what you said and beat the level first time - only tried a couple of times before that though. Cleared cream and then did cake - two wrapped candies fell to the bottom corners but thought I'd never burst them - finally got wrapped and striped and it burst them both. Thank you for your help. Good luck everyone.

Anonymous said...

Finally got 3 stars on the level. Not that much to offer except clear the cake quickly (while hitting the blocks that unlock the wrapped candies at least once so that they'll fall to the bottom when the cake explodes). Then look to form chocolate balls with the remaining candies. Use a chocolate bomb to explode a candy of the same color as the wrapped ones now in the lower corners. Do this twice and you should have a pretty good score while clearing the level. (Of course, some times the candies don't cooperate. What's new?)

Bill. said...

Lucky chocolate bomb and red wrapped candies in both bottom boxes. First attempt successful.

Jude said...

Finding it impossible to clear the cake. Very few moves available and useless moves at that. Only seem to get combo opportunities when it's too late :(

Lenora Peary said...

ok so the first thing you should do is make sure you get rid of the cream blocks below the trapped wrapped candy, then clear the cake, this will create the trapped wrapped candies to drop in the bottom two separated squares. once this is done all you need to do is hit the wrapped candy and they will destroy the rest of the 4 candies in those squares, then tidy up any left overs... good luck