Candy Crush Dreamworld

Introducing Dreamworld! 
A new land in the Candy Crush Saga! 
Available to anyone who has passed level 50 in the original saga, to access Dreamworld simply click on Odus the owl and he will take you into this fascinating new world.

Here's how to play in Dreamworld.
Once in Dreamworld your task is to keep Odus sitting on his perch by balancing the moon underneath.
Each side of the moon Odus sits on is a coloured candy, match too many of one and he will overbalance and fall off and the game is over.

At the same time as keeping Odus on his perch you need to complete the tasks as in the normal game, clear jelly, collect ingredients etc.

As you match candies the moon Odus sits on fills up with yellow, when it is completely full the board will become MOONSTRUCK! 

When this happens two colours will be removed from the board giving you a chance to make big scoring combos for a few moves until Odus flies back to his perch.
The number of moves in the moonstruck phase seems to be random between one and four.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to be so excited about Dreamworld, but I'm nothing but angry and frustrated. Most of the time you can't match the color you'd need to balance the owl out. Or you have to waste your moves by doing so. You can't use any combos because the thing WILL fall off of its moon when you do. You have to be extremely lucky to use a combo and not having that effect. So what are we supposed to do with levels where combos have to be made? All you can do is mindlessly shift pieces around and hope that you can score when the moonstruck hits. You can't even use the move you know will win the level, because you know the owl will fall off when you do so and the life is lost. That's not fun at all. It's just boring. And have I mentioned utterly frustrating?
I know lots of people will enjoy the challenge but for me there's no challenge involved. I played 60 levels because I wanted to give it a chance, but I'll stick with normal CCS from now on. I wish I could erase Dreamworld, but apparently that's not even possible, because it's embedded in CCS.

Frank said...

Although Dreamworld is fun, it appeared to be too easy. Finishes all levels in a week time.

Anonymous said...

On level 102. My owl has disappeared?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone give me some advice about level 54? I don't see how I can get all the ingredients down using only 3-matches, but it seems that every time I use ANY special candy or combo, I throw it so out of balance I lose the life. This is especially a problem after the Moonstruck (one move at 21 to go); you have fewer colors to work with and ANYTHING seems to break the balance.

Any ideas? Thanks.
--Virginia Louise

Anonymous said...

I just got the update for the owl dreamworld thing, and i was so excited. i solved up to level 13, and wanted to go back to the original one, and found out that i could click on the owl to go back and forth between the worlds. but i exited the game, and came back on, and the owl was gone. so, i have no idea where it went or why it went, but i can no longer go to the dreamworld. does anyone know how i can get the update again, or find the owl?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This owl sucks!! I cannot pass level 54. Been here FOREVER!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can not move pass level 65 in cream world Why?