Candy Crush Saga Level 511

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 511 Candy Crush Saga without boosters played by Cookie
You need to collect 5 colour bombs to complete level 511 Candy Crush Saga.
There is one colour bomb on the board at the start of the game so you only need to make 4 more.
First you need to unlock some of the candies to give you space to work, use wrapped candies and stripes whenever possible, or if you can get an early colour bomb, that can be used alone or with a stripe or wrap to clear as many of the locked candies as possible.
Once you have some clear space you can start to look for the colour bomb patterns. Look carefully at the whole board before every move so you don't miss any chances to make them.
If you have plenty of boosters you can use a colour bomb booster to give you a good start, or a lucky candy booster.
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Anonymous said...

Start unlocking the candies to create the first color bomb. Once that first one is made and deployed, the rest follow pretty easily. (Beware the mystery candies—some have chocolate—but even with the chocolate growing on one side, the level is easy to beat.)

Sandra said...

Passed this at the first attempt with 18 moves to idea what I did!

Anonymous said...

Level won't load for me, just sits and spins. Guess I'm done until it is fixed.

Anonymous said...

Pretty easy level, got it 1rst try. Although I did get lucky with a mystery candy being a chocolate ball. Good luck to all.

Lovespugs said...

So easy. Beat it first try with 14 moves left

Bill. said...

Agree fairly easy third attempt.