Hints and tips for Candy Crush Level 400

From an anonymous player.

Open up all the frozen candies then make a wrap/stripe combo to remove chocolate in the middle and unfreeze some colour bombs.
You only need to make six more colour bombs.
Open the colour bombs one by one and use one on a colour which has least of on the board to give more opportunities to make another colour bomb.
After every move check the board carefully for potential colour bombs. Make one if possible, then use another to take away a colour.
Try not to make vertical stripes which will explode your colour bombs too early.
Don't switch two colour bombs together! This will eliminate all candies on the board and make it much harder to make the six you need.
As you are using colour bombs try to keep two side by side so when you have enough to you can switch them together to complete the game.

Scroll down for the video.

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